Neural Flow is an Industry 4.0-facing innovative startup, which aspire to optimize industrial manufacturing processes and operational efficiency by combining Process Engineering with Artificial Intelligence tools.

As part of MGT Liquid & Process Systems group, we come equipped with in-depth and profound engineering knowhow, specializing in mixing and process engineering.

Having data science capabilities, we use advanced machine learning algorithms in synergy with our vast process engineering background.

Neural flow brings you the ability “to feel your process from inside”. We enable you to make intelligent predictions, smart decisions and to have cost-saving solutions regarding your process.


Process Optimization

Predictive Maintenance

Knowledge Management


We optimize your processes by incorporating the following technologies:

Machine Learning

Predictive analysis of any process that identifies hidden patterns and anomalies in available data.

Numerical Analysis

Process variables optimization that obtains numerical solutions to problems involving continuous variables, while maintaining qualitative target variables.

Mathematic Modeling

Specific process modeling that facilitates finding meaningful correlations between process parameters.


Paint & Ink






About us

MGT liquid and process which has more than 47 years of experience in delivering tailored process engineering solutions. after recognizing the need of industrial process optimization, Neural Flow presents unique bottom-up approach as part of the industry4.0 revolution.

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