What's in it for me?

Neural Flow offers an advanced platform designed to optimize the performance of continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR). Neural Flow platform has been proven to increase production yield and efficiency, and minimize the dependency on the human factor. Neural Flow is on-premise, real time, practical and slim platform, that can be easily applied.


As dependency on senior engineers and existing staff becomes critical, Neural Flow platform enables long term knowledge management to minimize the dependency on the human factor.


The algorithm predicts the final batch results, and monitor the reactor behavior in real-time. This real-time indication of predicted batch results throughout the batch process enables the process engineers to correct and align reactors parameters, during the process and not after it was complete, and save time and money .


The historical data, presented in the platform, offers a unique presentation of all sensors and lab results data. This enables the compression of past batches parameters in tailor made presentation, to add validated information to any failure analysis or quality issue investigation.